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Nationally Certified Interventionist

Hi, I am the Founder of New Beginning’s Intervention and Educational Services. My journey to this business began as a young man where I encountered my own struggles with addiction. With the right help, hard work, and a lot of love and support; I was able to overcome my demons and achieve a life filled with peace and free from addiction.

Once I achieved sobriety, I began to obtain a formal education. I received my Diploma in Social Services from the University of the Fraser Valley and, in Addition, I became a Nationally Certified Interventionist, Recovery Coach, and Family Coach.

Through my years of working within the recovery community, I came to realize that the fulfilment and purpose I felt when I was able to help others going through similar struggles as I had experienced was, without a doubt, my passion and how I wanted to spend my life! Therefore, I have created this company to give my clients the very best opportunity available to get their loved ones the help they need.

With the combination of a formal education, lived experience, undeniable ability to leverage change, and by utilizing the most effective strategy’s available to help your loved ones, I believe I can significantly increase the chances that your loved one whom is struggling with addiction will accept the help they need! high-yield processes.