Family Coaching

Family coaching is advised to all our client’s closest family and friends.

Our family coaching program is another aspect of our services that sets us above the competition!

All our family coaches are Nationally Certified Family Coaches and will strive to provide you and your family with the highest standard of service available.

Addiction has commonly been referred to as a family issue. We at New Beginning’s Intervention believe this to be true: When a person who’s struggling with addiction decides to go away and receive treatment, or when a person decides to receive outpatient care in the form of recovery coaching. We at New Beginnings highly recommend that the family and friends receive coaching as well. With our Nationally Certified Family Coaches, we can give your family and friends the best opportunity’s available to learn how to support and encourage recovering addicts. We also help identify the addict’s chief enablers. We do this to help them understand their role in the addict’s destructive cycle and use our strategic methods to help them learn new ways of supporting their loved ones. These new and improved strategy’s will educate the family and friends on how to support the addict in making healthy decisions while putting a stop to the actions that may be inadvertently helping this addiction and the behaviours that come with it continue!