Intervention Services

For all our services we provide a free consultation. We are confident that if you or a loved one is struggling with a form of addiction we can help you.

What is an intervention?

An Intervention in the fashion we are speaking of is when a group of loved one’s bands together to form a united front and let their loved ones know that they will not sit by and continue to watch them destroy themselves with harmful behaviours. Its purpose is to create a situation in where the person struggling is left with very few options beyond getting help, or the alternative…. The alternative being the bottom line in which the family/friends have decided upon prior to the intervention.

If you are looking for an intervention here is what we provide.

An intervention provided by New Beginning’s Intervention and Education Services consists of: An intervention professional working directly with a maximum of 5 close family members’ and or friends via phone/ email/ skype/ or in person prior to the intervention, depending on location. The intervention professional will work with the family/friends prior to the intervention to be made aware of the specific details of your situation so that we can ensure the best help possible. In addition, prior to the intervention, the intervention professional will have discussed and given you options of various treatment facility’s in which you can send your loved one for help.

On intervention day your intervention professional will arrive in person to the pre-arranged meeting area he has given you, he will give you instructions based on the personalized plan you have formulated in the meetings prior to the intervention. Once the intervention has taken place, in most cases, the intervention professional will be escorting your loved one to their new accommodations or having a sober companion do so. However, In the rare event that your loved one chooses not to receive the help being offered to them, rest assured that the professional will put forth his most sincere efforts to help them reconsider. However, we cannot force anyone to receive help against their free will and payment in full will still be required.