Recovery Coaching

Our recovery coaching services should be used by all our client upon return from treatment as a means of after care.

In addition to our clients returning from treatment: our recovery coaching can be a major asset to all our clients! Sometimes we meet clients whose addiction issues have warranted concern. However, are not yet at the point of needing an immediate professional intervention or inpatient treatment program. In those circumstances, we can still help! Addiction left untreated can and will materialize into something that takes over the addict’s life as well as the lives of many people close to them. By sitting down with one of our nationally certified recovery coaches we will coach your loved one on how to achieve and maintain sobriety by using some of the latest strategy’s available. Our recovery coach’s have a unique ability to help inspire those who have been previously difficult to inspire. Through a combination of recovery programs available, a minimum of a university diploma in social services, and their own lived experiences battling addiction, The New Beginning’s difference is that the professional working with you is guaranteed to have a level of empathy, compassion, as well as assertiveness, that you will find nowhere else in the industry. We take a no-nonsense approach to sobriety! By using New Beginning’s Interventions, you will significantly increase the chances of getting your loved one the help they need to overcome their addiction.